Biomarkers are needed to improve diagnosis, identify and predict progression, guide targeted therapy and monitor treatment responses in CKD.  Estimates of glomerular filtration indicate residual renal function, and proteinuria/albuminuria is an additional risk factor for progression, ESKF and nonrenal deaths.  Beyond that, however, biomarkers have not yet shed a great deal of light on causes or predictions in renal disease. This might reflect the many “causal” renal diseases, the multiple comorbidities, uncertain stability of renal function at any one point, and various pathways of progression. However, the CanPREDDICT study, the CKD Biomarker Consortium and the CRIC study have published promising results, presenting the opportunity for biomarker validation.  In our framework, selection of CKD patients for studies based, not only on their current profiles, but on knowledge of their course to that point, will enhance likelihood of meaningful findings.  

Approaches:  We are consolidating the expertise of CI Endre, Fassett, Coombes, Gobe and colleagues into Australia’s largest CKD biomarker group, and applying it to the most important outcomes of CKD, progression and CV risk. CI Endre’s group leads the country in biomarker research on acute kidney injury (AKI associated with drugs, chemotherapy, antibiotics, environ-mental toxins, trauma, and ischaemia), in inflammatory markers, renal repair/regeneration, fibrosis and progression to chronic kidney disease. He pioneers modelling of the added value of biomarkers to current clinical models. The UQ group has strong research records in oxidative stress, ischaemia, fibrosis, apoptosis and biomarker discovery.



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