Researcher biography

Professor Robert Fassett is the Director of Medicine in the Mid North Coast of NSW, a Professor in the School of Medicine in the University of NSW, and the School of Human Movement Studies at the University of Queensland. 

Robert is a Nephrologist and General Physician. He has a proven track record in clinical service leadership, research infrastructure and development and clinical trails. In Tasmania he developed a comprehensive renal service in the North and Northwest of the state. In addition, he established a Renal Research Unit and forged collaborations with the School of Human Life Sciences, Psychology and Nursing and Midwifery at the University of Tasmania and with the School of Human Movement Studies at UQ. He established Renal PhD Scholarships and Renal Research Tasmania, and convened annual scientific meetings. He also convened a combined Tasmanian and RBWH Renal Research Symposium.

Robert was Chairman of the Tasmanian Statewide Medical Services committee, the peak Medical Committee for Tasmania, twice for a total of four years. During his tenure he oversaw recommendations for an Electrophysiological Service, the establishment of a Statewide Drug and Therapeutic Committee and convened a Statewide Radiation Oncology Committee with production of Statewide Strategic Plan. Since completing a sabbatical as a visiting Professor, he embarked on a research pathway with Dr Robert Schrier in 1997-8 and completed a PhD on a large investigator initiated clinical trial in CKD.

Robert was the Director of Renal Research at the RBWH for five years  from 2008-13, with half time allocated to research. Much of this time was dedicated to CKD.QLD and its establishment with Professor Wendy Hoy and collaborators. He has renal clinical trial links with the AKTN and is on a management committee for the HERO and CKD-FIX trials. He has the skills required to participate in a team, develop and build collaborations both in State Health and Universities and across disciplines, secure leverage funding and build a research training structure. Professor Fassett has 129 PubMed  listed publications with a Researcher ID HI of 21 and 3788 citations. Recent publication focus is in the area of CKD and biomarkers and in palliative care in CKD. He has received NHMRC research grant for palliative care.

He currently supervises Masters and PhD candidates at the University of Queensland.