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Professor Zoltan Endre has over 30 years experimental and clinical research experience in kidney disease and has pioneered renal biomarkers for over 10 years.  He has collaborated with most major investigators in this field internationally. His research outputs include strategies for analysing the added value of biomarkers to existing clinical models.  His current research is entirely focussed on biomarkers in kidney disease with both experimental and clinical studies in areas ranging from acute kidney injury and its contribution to progression of chronic kidney disease to renal transplantation.

Zoltan presently supervises PhD students in both Sydney and Christchurch in various projects involving renal biomarkers. This skill set will be used to advise on and/or supervise: 1. Biomarker sample collection and storage, 2. Biomarker chemical analysis, 3. Data analysis include the use of biomarkers in diagnosis and prediction including determination of added value with respect to existing clinical and other models (utilising receiver-operator curve analysis (ROC), Net reclassification Improvement (NRI) and Integrated Discrimination Improvement (IDI) strategies, 4. Clinical trial design using biomarkers to triage to intervention. 

Areas of research