Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and Health Care Utilisation: Insights from health data linkage in Queensland

Duration: 2017-2019

Little is known about healthcare resource consumption occasioned by preterminal CKD. The Health Economics Stream of the NHMRC CKD.CRE has partnered with the Department of Health, Queensland (QH), to link approximately 8,000 chronic kidney disease patients recruited to the CKD.QLD Registry together with five years of their hospital data (2011-2016), across all health care facilities in Queensland, as gathered by QH information systems. QH will also supply data on 20,000 additional de-identified patients with CKD, matched with CKD.QLD Registry patients for health service areas.

What is data linkage?

Data linkage is a process that is used to combine information that relates to an individual entity from within or across multiple sources. 

Data linkage is an efficient way to enhance existing data to increase its usefulness for informing population health and clinical research, policy development and health service planning, management, monitoring and evaluation. 

For further information on the QH data linkage process please see the Queensland Data Linkage Framework18 (PDF, 315kB)

Project enquiries

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