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8 Jun 2017

CKD.QLD: establishment of a chronic kidney disease [CKD] registry in Queensland, Australia

Sree K. Venuthurupalli, Wendy E. Hoy, Helen G. Healy, Anne Cameron and Robert G. Fassett

BMC Nephrology (2017) 18:189

DOI 10.1186/s12882-017-0607-5



Chronic kidney disease [CKD] is recognised as a global public health problem. Until recently, the majority of information informing on CKD has been generated from renal registries reporting on patients with end-stage kidney disease [ESKD] and on renal replacement therapy [RRT]. There has been a paucity of information on pre-dialysis CKD cohorts, and many issues related to these poorly described populations are unresolved. To this end, international organizations have called for CKD surveillance systems across all countries.


In Australia, we have responded by developing Chronic Kidney Disease in Queensland [CKD.QLD] Registry. This registry was conceptualized specifically for the pre-dialysis population in the public health system in Queensland, Australia. Recruitment started in May 2011, and to date the Registry has evolved as one of the largest CKD cohorts in the world with recruitment close to 7,000 patients. The Registry has had many outcomes, including being the nidus for Australia’s first National Health and Medical Research Council [NHMRC] CKD Centre of Research Excellence [CKD.CRE].


The Registry, with its linkage to Queensland Health data-sets, is reporting, and is expected to continue generating, significant information on multiple aspects of CKD, its trajectory, management and patient outcomes. Intent of the NHMRC CKD.CRE is to facilitate an expanded Registry network that has representation from health services, both public and private, across Australia.


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